Saturday, 4 September 2010

So you wish you could sew...

It seems that there a lot of things that have gotten lost in the past - like the fact that once, sewing was something known by everybody (well, every woman). And I now a lot of people who wish they could create something themselves. I'm one of these people. Inspired by volunteering at the Quilt Museum in York I even wanted to get my own sewing machine and do some of my own projects - sadly me and my mum decided against it at the last minute. I'm going into my final year of University and my spare time is already filled to the brim with other projects that I couldn't add another thing to the mix.

This is why this project is brilliant. I know my blog is not yet very established, but after seeing it in the blogoshpere I couldn't help but share it (also there's a prize. I won't lie, that made my attention linger once I realised I couldn't actually do it myself).

The idea is simple, starting on 27th September and going on until the 4th November, Drucilla and Mathlyd will take you through step by step personal tutorials via a password accessed blog to teach you to sew and embroider. What could be better? Add to the fact that the inspiration came from the glamorous twenties and you'll be creating your own sleep sets (a pillow case, camosile and shorts), and you have a perfect combination.

So head to their blog and take a look.

Helen at Clio's Curiosities


  1. hi helen!! thank so much for this post. sewing is definitely a skill that shouldn't be lost. maybe you can join us another time! until then, i'm looking forward to following you here.

  2. Thanks so much guys, I hope it all goes well and that you do end up doing it again, who knows I might decide to join you!