Friday, 27 August 2010

Me and a little thing called the past

I'm just an ordinary girl in love with the past. As a History student at the University of York I'm using this blog as a platform to share all the things I come across that are related, in some shape or form, to history. Be it objects, stories, people or places, the past is never far from us. It is always there to inspire, fascinate, enjoy and provoke discussion.

My aim, at the moment, is for this blog to become some sort of unordered treasure trove and discussion of everything from the past that sparks my interests, or tugs at my heartstrings. I may come across what I write about in a museum, a book, or in my seminars at University, but I may equally find it in the buildings I walk past, the charity, vintage and antique shops I wonder through, the photos I see, the films I watch, the clothes I wear and the things that adorn my room and fill my home. The past is everywhere, history is all around us; it is there for the taking and shouldn't be ignored, glossed over or dismissed. In my life I chose to enjoy it, to collect stories of people and places in the past, and the things they leave behind, and this makes my reality that bit more special.

It doesn't matter if the past is appreciated in the form of a pretty object, that perfect vintage dress or piece of jewelry inherited, or in a more traditional way an event or person from the past you learn about. It is all history and it all matters.

So I hope you enjoy what I have share, take on board my comments, feeling and opinions. I'll leave you with something a little more exciting than my ramblings: me, in my own mini History (go on and grab a few of your own photos from that highlight one of your passions and do the same)

I was sorting through some photos the other day and stumbled across a selection that clearly show an early interest in history

I'm clearly appreciating the classical inspired
 architecture that is picturesquely placed in
country estates - or at knowing where to pose

A young Helen ready to star in my own historical drama
- all I needed to do was to stash the plastic bucket and fork
and then work the bonnet

Me taking photos for future histories

And I also found clear proof that I'm a girl who was destined for a career in history - I mean who wouldn't with a brother for a Mummy? (Well at least one who was mummified for a school assembly)

Helen at Clio's Curiosities

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